ABC's "Once Upon A Time" Episode 7, "Dark Hollow" and Episode 8, "Think Lovely Thoughts" Promo Trailer

Brianna BromleyNov 13, 2013 03:29 PM EST
     ABC's "Once Upon A Time" Episode 7, "Sleepy Hollow" takes you deeper into the world of Neverland as Emma, Hook, and Neil go to the depths of Dark Hollow to find Peter Pan's shadow. Once Neil has gotten settled into the group, tensions begin to rise as the hunt for Henry seems more far away than ever as the group slowly starts going their seperate ways. Prince Charming and Snow are still fighting because he didn't tell her that his cure for the 'lost boy' arrow was to stay in Neverland for forever, and Snow feels like she would had been cheated if anything was to happen to him. Giving Charming the silent treatment, Snow and Charming contiune on the adventure of finding Tink to make sure everything is set up for Peter Pan's demise.       Meanwhile, Storybrooke casts a cloaking spell over the town so that outsiders and Pan's army can't find them. Yet, before Bell can finish the spell, two of Peter Pan's men crosses the Storybrooke border. Rumplestilskin and Regina still await the return of Ariel as she has gone to Storybrooke to have Bell find a hidden artifact that will help in the takedown of Pan. When Ariel reaches Storybrooke, Her and Bell search Rumplestilskins shop to find the artifact that he was looking for and find what seems to be Pandora's Box. Just as Ariel begins to head back to Neverland, the two men from Pan's army arrive at the shop and take Pandora's box from the two girls and then tie them up. Ariel quickly turns back into a mermaid and releases her and Bell from the rope than chases after the men. The four come head to head when the two men try to destroy Pandora's box, but Bell promises them that she can help with whatever their looking for. The two men then explain to Bell that their sister, Wendy is trapped in Neverland and that they are her brothers. Henry is still at Pan's camp when he becomes suspicious that Pan is lying to him about his family being on the island. Pan reassures him that that is false, as he makes a plan to have Henry save magic for forever. As Henry becomes more cautious, he follows one of the lost boys to what seems like a hut in the forest. He climbs up and finds Wendy, who tells him that she is very sick and that he needs to believe in Peter Pan. Back in Storybrooke, Ariel and Bell have settled the two boys down and Ariel is back to Neverland. Regina gives Ariel eternal legs through the magial bracelet and Rumple asks her to please tell Bell that he is indeed coming back.      At the end of Episode 7, "Dark Hollow",  Prince Charming and Snow find Tink when Emma, Hook, and Neil show up as well with Pan's shadow in the coconut, ready to fight full force and get Henry back. Little do they all know, if Pan succeeds in Episode 8," Think Lovely Thoughts" when he tricks Henry into keeping magic in Neverland for forever, Pan will become immortal and Henry will die. The only way to save Henry is for Regina and Emma to gain forces and use their magic to stop Pan. Watch the Trailer for Episode 8 "Think Lovely Thoughts" below. 

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