5 Hip-Hop Artists Every Christian Music Fan Should Know - TobyMac, Lecrae, and More

Justin SarachikJul 08, 2014 03:41 PM EDT

Christian hip-hop has been around in some shape or form since the late 80's, but it did not become mainstream until TobyMac and DC Talk. Then in the early 90's T-Bone picked up the west coast end of the rap spectrum and Christian hip-hop has evolved since. In this list BreatheCast takes a look at a few different artists throughout the years.


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What's a Christian Hip-Hop list with out its most famous member TobyMac! TobyMac started out as the leader of hip-hop gospel group DC Talk. With that group they became arguably the most popular Christian act of all time, and perhaps the most important for the music.

Since becoming solo Toby has dabbled in rock, reggae, pop, and R&B. His rapping days are over and has said he is more of a "pop" artist, but no doubt where Toby's roots lie 25 years later.

His latest album is 2012's Eye On It.


(Photo : Lecrae)

Lecrae is starting to make his mark as the top Christian rapper and has even gotten a lot of exposure in the mainstream market, allowing him to spread his no nonsense message of Christ to all.

He has appeared on the BET cypher, the Sway radio show, and has frequented many industry conversations concerning important people in hip-hop.

Lecrae is the founder of Reach records and will be releasing his sixth album, Anomaly, on September 9.


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Manafest is on his way to becoming one of the bigger names in Christian music. In the last few years he has shifted his musical style more towards rock, but he started out laying rhymes and freestyling for credibility.

Last year he released his first book, "The Fighter," to discuss his amazing testimony and journey as a struggling musician. Now he is releasing The Moment on August 5.

His newest project was funded by his fans, and each album does better in sales than the last. His blend of hip-hop inspired rock makes him stand out from the list.

Andy Mineo

Andy mineo
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Andy Mineo is the newest and perhaps the hottest artist on this list as his affiliation with Lecrae and Reach Records has brought him to just about the same level as his mentor.

He has an album, an EP, and two mixtapes under his belt as well as a YouTube series called Saturday Morning Car-Tunez.


(Photo : Facebook: T-Bone)

T-Bone, a.k.a. Boney Soprano, is one of the Godfather's of Christian rap. Rapping since the early 90's, T-Bone is known for his sharp lyrics, and fast flows. In his 20 plus years in hip-hop he has gained respect from the underground and mainstream artists alike.

In his early days he was a lot more hardcore with his rhymes. T-Bone used to talk about altercations with demons, fighting the devil, and executing demonic entities. He has softened up the topics of his songs a bit over the years and now focuses more on God's love and real life stories.

He is currently in pursuing acting and hosts a number of Christian music shows.

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