1GN To Release Sophomore Album ‘Unite’ On April 15

Joe BacaronApr 11, 2016 06:31 PM EDT


(Photo : 1GN)
1GN is releasing its second album, "Unite," on April 15

Girl trio 1GN is set to drop its sophomore album, titled "Unite," on April 15, which will reportedly showcase a more mature sound following their self-titled production back in 2013.

1GN, formerly called 1 Girl Nation, was originally comprised of members Lauryn Taylor Bach, Kayli Robinson, Lindsey Ciresi, Keyley Sowards and Carmen Hadley. Now, the group is down to three: Lauryn, Carmen and Kayli.

"We have been through so much together," Lauryn said in a press release. "We have shared great times and really dark times. But through it all we've come out stronger."

"Our message is going to have more impact because we ourselves have been through the 'fire,'" Carmen chimed in. "We understand more about what our fans are going through, and hopefully we can engage them with songs and ideas that really speak to them."

With their second album, "Unite," 1GN members are trying to take on the dangers of social media that the youth may not be fully aware about.

Lauryn explained, "The images hitting us in pop culture are often overly sexualized and filled with hate, bullying, violence and division. We just want to encourage each other to guard our hearts from these things, to overcome hate with love, and to live boldly for Christ, even while having fun."

"Get Hype" and "Guard Your Heart," two tracks in the album, "Unite," will impact radio soon.

"A song like 'Get Hype' is just a modern expression of the joy and excitement we should feel as members of the body of Christ," Kayli said.

Below is the full tracklist for 1GN's "Unite"

Unite track listing:

1. Get Hype

2. The One

3. Cinema

4. Guard Your Heart

5. #NoFilter

6. Haters

7. Panic

8. Impossible

9. Smile

10. Unite

For more information about 1GN and "Unite," visit http://www.1girlnation.com/.

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