Worship Leader Darlene Zschech Responds to Critics for Slamming Her Vatican Performance for Pope’s Event [SEE POST]

Well-known worship leader and now cancer survivor Darlene Zschech was overwhelmed by the amount of negative comments she received from Christians after performing at the Vatican this month and took to her blog to respond to her critics.

TLC Series 'Answered Prayers' With Host Roma Downey Series Premiere: Episode Provided Real-Life Proof of Power of Prayer [WATCH HERE]

The new series 'Answered Prayers' premiered last night on TLC and the exploration of modern-day miracles hosted by Roma Downey ("The Bible Series," "Son of God," "AD," "Touched by an Angel") leaves the viewer wanting more.

Gospel Singer & Pastor Donnie McClurkin Confronts Racial Violence In America; Calling it a 'Hellish Assault' on Human Race [SEE HERE]

With the continued deaths of black Americans by police authorities or racially charged terrorists, many have spoken out. Popular gospel singer and pastor Donnie McClurkin took to social media with a cry for something to be done about it.

Chris Tomlin’s 'Worship Night in America' Is a Dream Come True; Singer Aims to Unite Body Of Christ [INTERVIEW]

Chris Tomlin is about to embark a dream project of his with his upcoming tour 'Worship night in America'. BREATHEcast caught up with the popular worship leader to discuss what this passion project will consist of and the different approach he and his guest performers will take to worship together.




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