Nick Jonas' 'Jealous (Gospel Version)' Causes Backlash From Christian Fans, 'God Said Being Jealous Is A Sin' [VIDEO]

Nick Jonas is causing a stir online with the "gospel version" of his new single "Jealous," and many Believers find the video disrespectful because they believe the message of his song is contradictory to the Gospel of Jesus.

Lecrae Speaks Out on Michael Brown Verdict; Christians Should 'Empathize' With Ferguson, Finds Unsympathetic 'Churchianity' Hurtful [VIDEO]

The Ferguson verdict has every one around the country frenzied as some fight for justice on behalf of Michael Brown, the innocent young man killed by police officer Darren Wilson, and others defending the officer. Reach Records founder and popular Emcee Lecrae, wisely shared his thoughts on the matter and urged Christians to feel the pain of the community, like Jesus would.

For King & Country Tell Women They are 'Priceless' and 'Matter' with Message of 'Respect and Honor' on Current Tour

For KING & COUNTRY's brother duo, Luke and Joel Smallbone come from a rich Australian family heritage that carries a mantra of a woman's worth as well as proclaiming that chivalry is not dead. This is a message is celebrated in their new behind-the-song video for "Matter," a track, RUN WILD. LIVE FREE. LOVE STRONG.

'Little Hope Was Arson' Film Shows Impact Intentional Church Burnings Made on Victims; Pastor James Ellis Quits Church Ministry [INTERVIEW]

The riveting film that drew standing-room only crowds at film festivals is out now and BREATHEcast caught up with 'Little Hope Was Arson' director Theo Love for an interview in which he talks about the difficult internal battles the victims of the crime suffered long after the burnings.




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