Christian Leaders & Entertainers React to Same Sex Marriage Ruling in America: ‘Christians Are Losing Their Freedom’ [SEE HERE]

America made history today by legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states, and many Christian leaders, including Franklin Graham, Donnie McClurkin, and more, spoke out on social media to share their thoughts and the Bible's correlations.

Pop Sensation Tori Kelly Shares Heart of Worship During Concerts; Hillsong United, Lecrae & More Show Support [VIDEO]

The Tori Kelly phenomenon has been flooding social media as she climbs the charts reaching No. 1 on iTunes with her new album, Unbreakable Smile, and although the 22-year-old is most likely on her way to becoming the world's next mega pop star, her Christian faith and impromptu worship performances are catching the attention of the Christian community as well.

Same Sex Marriage Legalized: Ray Comfort Takes on Faith & Homosexuality in New Film ’Audacity' [MOVIE REVIEW]

What would happen in this day and age if a Christian had the audacity to warn a homosexual about their lifestyle just as they would to an adulterer or a fornicator? Popular evangelist Ray Comfort has taken on the delicate subject in a new film titled 'Audacity.' Read BREATHEcast's review below: (CAUTION THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS)

Justin Bieber Attends HILLSONG Conference in Sydney; Should Christian Mega Pastors Embrace Celebrity Associations?

As the HILLSONG Australia Annual Conference kicked off this past weekend in Sydney, Australia, there was an extremely familiar face in the crowd of worshippers: Canadian pop superstar Justin Beiber.



FOX News Host Gretchen Carlson Opens Up About Domestic Violence, her Stalker, and Self-Image

In her new memoir, Getting Real, Gretchen Carlson chose to open up about parts of her past that she considers to be the most painful and difficult. While the news anchor is dedicated to her professional image, she admits that her persona on-air is just a small part of who she is. It is the deep,


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