Legend of Korra Season 4 Spoilers, Release Date: Korra Heads to Southern Water Tribe

The Legend of Korra
The Legend of Korra Book 4 is rumored to be released on January 2015. |

While 'The Legend of Korra' Season 3 ended in a victory, Korra was left seriously injured. As a recap, Red Lotus administered a metallic poison into Korra in which she was quick to fight back. She went on to defeat Zaheer in the sky and summon the airbenders, and in the end, Suyin metalbends the poison out of Korra's body.

In the Season 4 promo video released, Korra was seen in a wheel chair, determined to head to the Southern Water Tribe for recovery. She is leaving Bolin, Mako, Tenzin and others, but is confident that all will be well. Apparently, there is more to it than meets the eye because Korra's leaving is just the beginning of the nightmare.

Korra being in a wheel chair teases exciting plot twists as fans are wondering whether or not she still has her powers. Meanwhile, Hiroshi Saito is returning next season, as revealed in AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit. Daniel Dae Kim's character is Asami's father who followed Amon last season.

To make the story more interesting, Toph is alive. This comes after the revelation that he is the father to Lin Beifong and Suyin Beifong. New faces will be presented such as Zuko's daughter, the Fire Lord, and the usual characters Ty Lee and Azula, will also appear.

The casts and crew of the series are also participants in the upcoming New York Comic-Con taking place just prior to Book 4's premiere night. 'The Legend of Korra' Season 4 airs on Friday, October 4 on Nick.