The Devil Wears Prada Frontman Mike Hranica Opens Up About Drinking & Not Being Christian Enough for Fans

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Frontman of Christian metalcore band The Devil Wears Prada, Mike Hranica, spoke to the Bad Christian Podcast and spoke about accountability and drinking while maintaining a Christian identity.

The screamer was asked whether the members of the band were still Christians with the same views as when the group started. "Just getting older and those life changes happen. We are all still the same. We are a Christian band," he said before digging a little deeper.

"I think certain things have changed with some guys. It's apathetic and it's totally our fault," he revealed, "We dance around it sometimes and we don't hold each other as accountable as we should, but I think that also comes in that rough gray area as far as different ideas on morality on what's right and what's wrong."

Vocalist Mike Hranica. | YouTube Screen Grab
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Vocalist Mike Hranica.

Hranica said some fans are upset with the band because they feel TDWP is no longer very Christian. The vocalist agreed that they were not as forward and open about their faith, but it did not change who they were or the message of their music.

"I think the big bump was in 2010. We put out the Zombie EP and it was just five straight forward heavy songs. Blatant heavy metal songs about zombies," he said laughing.

He said people have conspiracy theories to it being a "gospel metaphor," but it is just songs about zombies. Christian fans were upset because they feel an opportunity was missed to proclaim the gospel. In actuality the band just wanted to have a little fun.

Hranica started screaming when he was in high school. He used to see hardcore bands and would scream in the car with his youth group friends. He wound up joining a joke band and was later asked to be in The Devil Wears Prada.

Youth group and having a sense of community through stability in a church is something Hranica admitted he missed and needed. Right now he lives in Chicago and is involved with a local church that has helped him in his faith.

"I've changed a lot, I watched myself make mistakes and sin and do stupid things," he admitted in an earlier part of the interview, "And I just try on the road... it's always a very serious matter of keeping myself accountable."

Hranica then spoke about having beers with people on tour and not drinking sometimes to conserve his voice. BCP co-host Matt Carter asked, "Do you think your fans will be upset that you're talking about drinking on this podcast?"

"I think they've kind of picked up on it. You know, if you go to a Prada show you're going to see beer lined up on top of all the cabs because everyone's going to be drinking beers as we play," said Hranica.

"I try to maintain this mentality that if you're doing things and you need to hide them, then you should probably not be doing them."

Facebook: Bad Christian
(Photo : Facebook: Bad Christian)

Hranica likes to be transparent and honest about what he does because he does not want to hide anything. Co-host Toby Morrell said the best way to know if something was bad, was to do it in front of other Christians. They all agreed if it was something to hide, then it probably is not the right thing to be doing.

Listen to the complete Podcast here.

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