"The Big Bang Theory" Spoilers, Plot News: Penny and Leonard Argue Over Money in “The Expedition Approximation”

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While there is no denying the fact that Sheldon is obsessed with science, but what happens if his passion for science is put to the test. The spoilers of "The Big Bang Theory" Season 8, episode 6 show the genius discovering many things about himself through an empty bucket!

A report in Hypable says that viewers will see Penny and Leonard's relationship being tested again by money in "The Big Bang Theory" Season 8, episode 6, which will be aired at 8 p.m. Monday, Oct. 20 on ET on CBS.

This episode, titled "The Expedition Approximation" will not only be packed with lots of exciting plot developments and updates, but will also show Sheldon and Raj testing their mettle for science. A teaser clip released by CBS shows Raj cataloging the list of challenges of going underground and Sheldon seems to have no problem with them.

Meanwhile CarterMatt said, "However, we learn in here that he also very-quickly has a breaking point, and it comes the moment that it is mentioned that they would have to use a bucket for a toilet," adding, "The only other choice is that they wait for 12 hours before using the bathroom, and Sheldon's not okay with that."

An official synopsis of "The Big Bang Theory" season 8, episode 6 released by CBS recently reads, "Sheldon and Raj test whether they could survive a dark-matter research expedition in a salt mine by simulating the conditions in a steam tunnel. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny seek advice from Wolowitz and Bernadette after they fight about money."

Meanwhile, the executive produce Steve Molaro of the show told Inquistr that just similar to any other couple, Penny and Leonard will also be seen arguing over money.

Molaro elaborated, "She's really focused on this new career. I don't think they're in a rush. They're happy, they're engaged and, like a lot of people, they may be engaged for a while." He went on to add, "But it does raise issues like money, combining money in the future and who has credit card debt and what that all means. Those kind of issues start to come up, which I find more interesting than the actual wedding planning."