'Supergirl' CBS Cast: 'George of the Jungle' Star Christopher Showerman Onboard

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Actor and Director, Christopher Showerman, known for his role in "George of the Jungle 2" back in 2003, has recently been added to the cast of the CBS show, "Supergirl." He will play the character named Tor in the series according to International Business Times.

The 44-year-old actor's character will debut in the season return of "Supergirl" on January 4, 2016. The episode is entitled, "Blood Bonds" and is directed by Steve Shill. Showerman's role is reported to be a recurring character in the season.

Tor is a villain based on DC's Tor-An, a Kryptonian who is a part of General Zod's army in the comic book universe. In the series, he will be seen with the villain, Non, played by Chris Vance.

Christopher Showerman was a contender to portray the part of Superman about a decade ago in Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns."

He's already affiliated with comic book heroes and also with CBS shows. He recently played the part of Batman in the 2015 short film, "Batman: Personal Issues." He was also involved in "The Adventures of Captain Fantastic & Mega Mom." For CBS, he played the part of Pete Nealy in "CSI: Miami" back in 2006.

According to the synopsis of the next episode of "Supergirl," Non will be able to hold Hank (played by David Harewood) in captive. This will lead to a conflict between the two sides. Meanwhile, Kara, played by Melissa Benoist, will continue to negate Cat (Calista Flockhart) as she makes allegations that Kara is in fact, Supergirl.