Questlove Recounts Illuminati Experience with Jay-Z? Christian Artist Shares Own Experience with the Occult in Music Industry [VIDEO]

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In a recent interview Questlove talked about things he witnessed in the music industry in relation to the prevalent Illuminati accusations that are constantly swirling. His personal account reminded me of some of the stuff I encountered in the height of my pop career.

After hearing the famous Roots drummer recall his thoughts about Jay-Z and some of the things he witnessed, I wondered how many others in the industry have felt the same way but are too intimidated to share about it.

"That folklore has always been sort of prevalent in all of music," Questlove recently told animalnewyork during a foodie event, "I guess it's unprecedented how most people think Jay Z is the Illuminati leader."

"And often times, even though I don't believe it, I've been in a few situations in which I feel uncomfortable with how comfortable they are being in front of me," he continued, "Like, we're friends and so sometimes I feel like 'oh I shouldn't have seen that' and now they're going to kill me."

His statements although vague, are odd and brought a memory of something a former producer of Roc-A-Fella Records told me. I was working with him on my album and we had a conversation about the abnormal things the entertainment industry is involved in. At the time the word Illuminati was not as popular, so we called it more so Free Masonry or something like that. The producer proceeded to share with me his own experiences while on Roc-A Fella while Jay-Z was a part of the company. He said he was once invited to a party where he was given a poker chip and asked to go to the party wearing a black trench coat with nothing else underneath it. It sounds crazy, and at the time I thought it was just another "industry" story, but the more I researched occult practices I saw that it was very similar to how some occult initiations are actually operated. Whether or not the story was true I don't know but he did say he did not attend the party and years later he became a Christian.

Jay-Z has been pegged a Free Mason and "Illuminati leader" because of some of the videos he released and the lyrics in his songs. HipHopDX pointed out that on his track "Heaven," off of the album Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay Z raps,

"Conspiracy theorist screaming Illuminati

The Illuminati has become some what of a gimmick these days because of how much people throw around the term. This year, at the 2015 Grammy Awards, Madonna, who has a song on her new album, titled "Illuminati," was also labeled an Illuminati puppet by conspiracy theorists because of her stage set. The pop diva featured all of her dancers with Baphomet looking headpieces. Not sure if that was her choice or not because I remember frequently being told what I should wear. When I recorded my pop record my team was ok with me wearing crosses but I would always be given black crosses. I got a lot of free clothing pieces aswell that read "secret society."  

Now, I cannot say that I was ever told to bluntly perform a satanic ritual on stage but I do know I was often encouraged to wear what people consider "occult" like clothing and to write and sing suggestive material. At the time I thought nothing of it, I was not a Christian and the idea of "dark and edgy" intrigued me, but now looking back at it I can see why convincing suggestions are eventually carried out. I was frequently told that 'it was what everyone was doing' or that I needed to make people want to be with me or be me, and my appearance and actions were responsible for that.  

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Conspiracy theorists maintained that Madonna's performance was another display of Satan worship by the Illuminati for the entire world to see because Baphomet is greatly connected with Satanism primarily due to the adoption of it as a symbol by the Church of Satan. 

I know people will think QuestLove and I are just buying into the ploy but regardless what ever it really is, the industry can certainly do a better job at safe guarding young impressionable artists. Oftentimes, although I was a teenager, I was put in rooms where artists I looked up to were doing drugs and hooking up, some even trying to get me involved. I know that could happen in all circles of life but I do wonder if that behavior being so frequent in the entertainment world is a result of some super natural stronghold linked to the occult.

Anyway, I'm not an Illuminati expert and all I have are my own experiences but I thought I'd share some of them to perhaps encourage others keep their eyes opened. Do you think the Illuminati is real and linked to Satan worship? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


*Recording artist and actress Jeannie Ortega is a contributor to BREATHEcast who shares her experiences in the music industry, becoming a Christian artist, life in the public eye, and transforming into a Christian. In 2007 she ignited her way onto the Billboard Charts with her hit "Crowded." Now, years later she is transitioning her way into Christian music. For more information on Jeannie and her music visit

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