Kirk Franklin Reunion With 'God's Property' in 2014: 'FAMILY I Think It's Time to Get the Band Back Together...GP ARE YOU WITH ME?'

Kirk Franklin has made an announcement on Facebook on New Year's morning that his long-awaited reunion with prominent gospel group God's Property is coming In 2014.  

Multi-award winning artist Kirk Franklin is known for leading urban contemporary gospel choirs such as The Family, God's Property and One Nation Crew.

After success Franklin attained with "Kirk Franklin & The Family", he produced another album in 1997 collaborating with the vocal ensemble God's Property. Their lead single, "Stomp", featuring Cheryl "Salt" James (of Salt-N-Pepa) was a big hit, gaining heavy rotation on MTV and other mainstream music channels.

Franklin and God's Property charted at No. 1 on the R&B Singles Airplay making it into the Top 40. God's Property from Kirk Franklin's Nu Nation was No. 1 on the R&B Albums chart, No. 3 on the Pop charts, and would go on to be certified 3x platinum. Getting Franklin a Grammy for Best Contemporary Soul Gospel Album, as well as three Grammy nominations.

In 2001, Franklin broke off from the collaborative effort and ventured into new territory as a solo artist. Franklin's solo works have been very successful to date. He had not professionally been linked with his adored Gospel choir to record an album ever since.

The famous gospel choir God's Property reunited at the end of 2013 for a special performance that included a surprising appearance from their former bandleader, Kirk Franklin perhaps sparking the inclination for a reunion.

Early on New Year's morning, Franklin made the shocking announcement of an upcoming reunion with the band.

"FAMILY I think it's time to get the band back together...! GP ARE YOU WITH ME?!?! #2014," Franklin posted on his Facebook page New Year's morning.

The news sparked thousand of enthusiastic comments from Franklin's adoring fans on his social media page. Most of them quoting the words of the band's most prominent song "Stomp."

"Then I know the next CD I'm buying!! Please bring more of your awesome praise to our great God and Savior!!" Michael Dean posted.

Annetta Netta Kaye Lauderdale added, "Oh Yeah we having church ain't goin' No Wear.. i would love love that happy new yesr god bless"

"I've been missing them. Lets do it! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! God bless you and your family!" Jeremy McNair continued.