GTA 5 Online Heists DLC Update: Leaked Photos Show New Weapons for June 2014 Launch (VIDEO)

Gamers have been waiting for Rockstar Games to release any new information regarding the upcoming online heist missions for "GTA 5," but now a hacker has leaked some photos that shows new weapons that players will be able to use in the future DLC next month.

A reliable hacker named Steven Hacker released the three different photos to regarding the weapons that can be used in the Heist missions.

In the first photo, it shows weapons such as two .44 caliber pistols, Scar rifle, Goosenberg Sweeper, Knife and broken glass will all available to be used by gamers online during heists missions.

According to the hacked second photo, weapons such as a modified knife and a new type of pistol will be added in the upcoming DLC along with a Scar rifle and MG/AR rifle.

In the third and final leaked photo, it shows a digital image of all of the weapons that will be available in the future online game download for Rockstar Games' most popular videogame franchise.

In the upcoming online heists DLC, fans look to reenact the memorable scenes that Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton and the completely insane anti-hero Trevor Phillips experienced during the single player missions in the "GTA 5" game.

Rockstar Games released the critically acclaimed game "GTA 5" on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in US stores on September 17, 2013; while "GTA Online" was released on October 1, 2013.

In other "GTA 5" news, fans are hoping that the gaming company will make an announcement at the upcoming E3 event regarding the potential release of "GTA 5" on the PC and the next gen consoles Xbox One and PS4.

Previously, at least 700,000 GTA fans have signed an online petition on in order to persuade Rockstar to release a version to the PC, but so far Rockstar has not confirmed or denied the possibility that a PC port will arrive in stores.