Worship Central Releases “Let It Be Known” March 12th / Worship Central Online Course

Gil ShalowitzFeb 26, 2013 03:07 PM EST

Fans of Worship Central are excited to hear the London-based worship group is releasing their new album Let It Be Known. This marks the groups third worship album and second live recording from Integrity Music. Recorded live in England's Holy Trinity Brompton Church (HTB) the project features worship leaders Tim Hughes, Al Gordon, Ben Cantelon, Nikki Fletcher, Luke Hellebronth, and Miles Dhillon.

Highlighting the passionate worship of the Holy Trinity Brompton Church, Let It Be Known was produced by Ben Cantelon and written by the entire Worship Central team, that includes faculty, training team and students. The project also features contributions from Matt Redman and Martin Smith.

"We decided to collaborate much more with our songwriting, spending more time writing together," explains Hughes. "These songs are the fruit of that passion."

The title track, "Let It Be Known" can be experienced at

The album also features future hits "Dry Bones" and auto-anthem "Our Generation".

"So many times I look out at our youth and students and I see so much potential for God to use them," says Hughes, explaining the hope behind "Our Generation." "But they lack confidence to see. We're desperate for God to turn things around.  He's the only one that can."

Adding to Worship Central's growing popularity, the team released a free online worship course (http://www.worshipcentral.org/course). With 1,255 courses and more than 18,000 worshipers in over 60 nations, Worship Central has extended their message to Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa.

"We're trying to invest in relationships, to empower and release others to run with it and make it their own; to use the material as well as their own ideas to resource leaders in their own countries," says Tim Hughes of the Worship Central online course.

To see a video trailer for the Let It Be Known, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiJn3tqcG1I, and the full Let It Be Known track and songwriter listing follows:

1.     Ready For You (Luke Hellebronth, Nick Herbert, Ben Cantelon)

2.     God Most High (Ben Cantelon, Luke Hellebronth, Martyn Layzell)

3.     Let It Be Known (Tim Hughes, Nick Herbert, Tom Smith)

4.     The Cross Stands (Tim Hughes, Nick Herbert, Ben Cantelon, Matt Redman)

5.     Dry Bones (Nikki Fletcher, Tom Smith & Tim Hughes)

6.     Kingdom Coming (Tim Hughes, Luke Hellebronth, Martin Smith, Pete Greig)

7.     Guardian (Ben Cantelon, Nick Herbert, Stu Garrard)

8.     Draw Me Close (Nikki Fletcher, Luke Hellebronth, Joel Wardle)

9.     The Constant (Al Gordon, Ben Cantelon)

10. Hallelujah (Ben Cantelon)

11. Our Generation (Luke Hellebronth, Myles Dhillon, Tim Hughes)

12. Set Me Free (Luke Hellebronth, Myles Dhillon)

13. The Same Power (Ben Cantelon, Nick Herbert)

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