Woman Miraculously Wrestled Off a Bear While Pleading With God 'Please Don't Let This Be My End' (VIDEO)

Jeannie LawApr 15, 2014 03:17 PM EDT

Orlando woman, Terri Frana, wrestled off a 200-pound black bear while praying to God that she would make it out of the attack for her children.

Frana said she stepped outside to check on her young children who had just left the house after she saw a number of bears in and around her garage and yard. She walked out of the back of her home and toward the driveway to call her children home when one of the bears stood up on its hind legs and knocked her down, mauling her head and scratching her body with its nails.

Frana said the bear put her head in its mouth and dragged her from her yard toward the woods behind her house.

"Those teeth were just digging into my skull and I just said, 'God, please don't let this be my end. Please don't call me home,'" she told AJC.com.

Frana shared in detail what happened as the bear attacked her.

"(It) bit my side, then grabbed my head and started dragging me toward the woods," the 45 year-old women said, stating, all the while she was talking to God.

As she fought off the bear and was running inside for help, Frana said the bear almost didn't let her get away.

"It just kept coming and when I got to the screen, the bear came through the bottom," Frana said.

Frana's husband told AJC his wife ran inside the house and collapsed after she escaped the bears grip. She now has about 30 staples and 10 stitches in her head and cuts all over her head and back.

She said the attack has been a big wake-up call about bears in this area and about respecting them and their space.

"We need to respect them and unfortunately we have five new developments going up within five miles. They just have nowhere to go," Frana said.

Officers with Florida Fish and Wildlife, now surround her home and have since shot one bear and euthanized four others in the area. FWC officers reportedly said the bear that was shot was aggressive and did not react to them as a bear normally would.

The mother very gratefully proclaimed that "It was the sheer grace of God" that kept her alive. 

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