'Wolverine 3' News Update: Mister Sinister Confirmed As The Main Villain [TRAILER]

Vianne BurogSep 21, 2016 11:10 AM EDT
MARVEL/ Wolverine 3

The official title of Hugh Jackman's upcoming "Wolverine" is still unknown and details about it remain scarce, but recent reports suggest that the main villain for the movie has already been confirmed.

 Promised as the finale for Hugh Jackman's cinematic run as Wolverine, Wolverine 3" will see the big-screen debut of the evil genetic tinkerer Mister Sinister. The presence of the villain was confirmed recently in the American digital release of "X-Men: Apocalypse," particularly in the audio commentary of director Bryan Singer and scriptwriter Simon Kinberg.

The big news was revealed during the post-credits sequence of the "X-Men" film, which teases the future involvement of long-time "X-Men" comic book character Nathaniel Essex, otherwise known as the powerful and pigment-deprived genetic tinkerer Mister Sinister. Singer and Kinberg confirmed that the tease was intended to foreshadow the upcoming "Wolverine" film.

The confirmation of Mister Sinister's presence in the third installment of Hugh Jackman's film can be linked to previous reports that Richard E. Grant joined the cast of the film to portray a "mad scientist." While it was not yet confirmed then that Grant's character would be Mister Sinister, it can be recalled that in the comics, Sinister is a genetic scientist who caused his own body to mutate. He leads a group of murderous mutants called The Marauders, but his claim to fame only came when he created a clone of Jean Grey in the aftermath of her demise after the Dark Phoenix ordeal, because he wanted them to conceive a child.

"Wolverine 3" is expected to hit theaters in March 2017. Watch the trailer below. 



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