'Westworld' Episode 9 Theories, Recap: Bernard Trying To Resist Orders Of Mr. Ford

Vianne BurogNov 29, 2016 10:45 AM EST
HBO/ Westworld

With only two episodes left before its finale, fans of "Westworld" are already theorizing what events will transpire in the coming weeks.

Since the previous episode left many questions unanswered, fans expect episode 9, titled "The Well-Tempered Clavier," to be packed with revelations, especially when it comes to the mission of Mr. Ford.

In episode 8, some details about Bernard and Maeve were brought to light. However, details about the "Man in Black" still remain shrouded in mystery.

Based on spoilers, episode 9 will focus on Mr. Ford and his secret plans. After the previous episode, it was already established that he is the antagonist in the series. However, considering the uncertainty of this sci-fi thriller, it is also possible that another villain aside from Mr. Ford will come to the series.

There are speculations that since Bernard's identity was revealed in the previous episode, he might start trying to resist the orders of Mr. Ford in episode 9. It was clear in episode 8 that Bernard had already recognized that Mr. Ford was only using him, so it is possible that viewers will see a rebellious Bernard in episode 9. It can be recalled that in episode 7, he killed Theresa Cullen, his ex-human girlfriend, on the order of Mr. Ford. Some speculate that in episode 9, a "recycling" of memories will happen, allowing Bernard to remember the memories of his past crimes that were deleted by Mr. Ford.

As for the Man in Black, spoilers suggest that he is none other than William. Some fans believe that while it is hard to imagine that, it is not necessarily out of the question. Fans can expect to know more about this character in the upcoming episode.

"Westworld" episode 9 airs on November 27 on HBO.

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