watchOS 3 News Update: Third Time’s A Charm For Apple?

Joe BacaronSep 21, 2016 10:02 AM EDT

Apple released on Tuesday the watchOS 3 and most of the reviews are very positive for the wearable since most of the issues hounding its predecessors have all been addressed.

Computer World noted that the watchOS 2 has been dragged down by how slow the apps launch, particularly those made for Apple by third-party developers. There's also the weird interface and obsolete data on the Complications.

However, it said that the watchOS 3 showed marked improvements in all areas such as speed, response system, accurate fitness trackers and even an SOS emergency notification. Your often used apps are also "favorited" so it's much easier to access them, particularly when you are on the run.

Speaking of on the run, Daring Fireball said that Apple seems to put more focus on fitness in the watchOS 3. You can do your physical exercise for example, and pause the metrics when you do something else. You can just resume later on. Each separate action is also color-coded when makes it easier which setting you are in now with just a glance.

Meanwhile, the swiping interface when you change from one face to another is also one of the new things added to the device. That was one of the issues in the second generation because of you need to press deep, scroll and select before you can do that action.

To install watchOS 3, you need to Tap General on your Watch app in the iPhone, go to Software Update and just follow the instructions. You do need to be near your phone before you can do this. The update may take an hour at the very least.

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