Warr Acres Reveal Album Cover, New Song & Track Listing From, Hope Will Rise

Joseph CarsonSep 09, 2013 12:36 PM EDT

Oklahoma City group, Warr Acres recently announced their October 29th release for their highly anticipated sophomore album, Hope Will Rise. The group continues their pop worship sound that will please and inspire their fans once again. Warr Acres went in to record with producers, Chris Crow, Joe Crow and Jaron Nix to release 14 new tracks.  Fans of the group will be pleased to hear that their iTunes pre-order date will begin October 8th.

We are proud to present the reveal of the album cover art.

Below, check out the Hope Will Rise track listing for the new album.

Hope Will Rise Track Listing:

1. Pulse

2. Freedom Fall (Feat. Jonathan Thulin)

3. Light Up the Night

4.Beautifully Complete

5. This Beautiful Life

6. Hope Will Rise

7. Lovesick (feat. Cindy Cruse Ratcliff)

8. So Much Greater

9. Come To Jesus

10. All Around

11. Psalm 27

12. Nobody Else

13. Linger

14. Here At Your Feet



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