'Vikings' Season Finale on History Channel: "All Change" Inside Look / Season 2 Spoilers [VIDEO]

Gil ShalowitzApr 29, 2013 01:07 PM EDT

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Vikings on History Channel aired its season 1 finale ["All Change"] last night. The breakout History Channel miniseries has been a huge ratings success for the network.

After confirming a second season, "All Change" was an exciting episode to watch, with surprises and next season cliffhangers to keep Vikings fans wanting more.

The Vikings season 1 finale was all about character development. There weren't any epic Viking battles, no hallucinogens. To many the season 1 finale was about of a bore.  

In "All Change" it seems like Ragnar is being manipulated by King Horik (Donal Logue). To settle a land dispute Ragnar is sent east to win back land Jarl Borg claims is his. Instead of being pure allies, King Horik knows the outcome is a win win for him. If Ragnar wins Horik gets his land back from Borg. If Ragnar is defeated then Horik won't have to deal with the ambitious Jarl.

To concerned with the woman he just got pregnant [not Lagertha] Ragnar doesn't even notice the plot surrounding him. Ragnar takes the pregnancy as a sign of misfortune from the gods, instead of a mere result from unprotected sex. Instead Ragnar, because of Viking culture, believes it's some new development in the divine plan that he lives by.

Even with a somewhat lackluster season finale, Vikings proved to be one of several hit original programs for History Channel this year. Will Vikings just be a flash in the pan or will season 2 up the ante with budget and historical reinforcement.

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