'UnREAL' Season 3: Shiri Appleby And Constance Zimmer Root For A Bachelorette Third Season

Sep 22, 2016 10:40 AM EDT

For the first two seasons of "UnREAL," the series has dealt with a lot of issues, including sexism, race, police brutality, class, domestic violence and female relationships. As the season 3 premiere approaches, fans continue to wonder what the creative minds of its creators will have on the table.

"UnREAL" star Shiri Appleby recently revealed that season 3 will be far better than seasons 1 and 2. According to the actress, she has been in talks with Constance Zimmer and they have some pretty good idea as to how they can make season 3 a lot more interesting for viewers to watch. Appleby and Zimmer play showrunners Rachel and Quinn in the series.

"Constance and I are sort of rooting for a bachelorette," said Appleby during her interview with TV Guide at the Emmys red carpet.

"Surround Quinn and Rachel with, like, twenty men and watch Rachel sleep with half of them," she added.

While some may think that Appleby was just joking when she gave that remark, truth is, Rachel has already slept with a good number of staff and cast members, as well as hangers-on of "Everlasting" over the past two seasons of the show. The idea may seem a bit quirky, but it can't be denied that mixing up both sexes on set would have a huge impact on the dynamics of the show.

Appleby, however, said that they're still waiting for the writers of the show to firm up the plans.

"We think it would be really fun. We have no idea, we're just waiting for the writers to sort of let us know, but we think it would be a great story," she said.

Lifetime has not yet confirmed the official premiere date of the new season.

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