UK Singer-Songwriter Ian Yates Releases New Single "Blackout;" First Of Several Songs Coming In 2018

Marcus Lundin Jun 16, 2018 01:23 AM EDT
IAN YATES/7CORE MUSICCover for Ian Yates' 2018 single "Blackout."

U.K.-based singer-songwriter Ian Yates on Friday released his latest single, "Blackout," on 7Core Music. The new song is the first of several new singles Yates is planning to release over the next few months.

"Blackout" marks a return of Yates to his musical roots, with 7Core Music describing his refreshed style as unapologetically "knee flapping, loud guitar-oriented rock 'n' roll." It is a song that celebrates God's presence in our lives through the best of times and the worst of times, highlighted by "distorted drums and bass and a guitar riff to die for."

His most recent album, the 2016 Awaken To Love, featured songs such as "High Wire" and "Coming Home," as well as a cover of the classic 1967 Beatles song "All You Need Is Love." Speaking about the release at the time, Yates said, "I started singing ["All You Need Is Love"] in a prayer meeting three years ago and it was a God moment. It's a prophetic song; knowing we are loved is the only way we can love others."

Yates, who resides with his wife and children in Liverpool in northwest England, has so far released five albums and four studio albums, which includes his Awaken To Love, the 2007 independent release Desperate to See Your GloryThe Hope and the Glory released in 2010, 2012's Good News, and DNA in 2014.

Earlier this month, Yates performed at "Big Church Day Out," one of the largest Christian music festivals in the U.K., among other places. "Blackout" is available to stream or download at all digital platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music

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Click below to listen to Yates new single "Blackout," or click here to listen on YouTube:

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