Troy Sneed: Gospel Hit-Maker Releases New Single "I Know You Hear Me"

Gil ShalowitzFeb 13, 2013 04:47 PM EST

Gospel legend Troy Sneed just released his 3rd single, "I Know You Hear Me" but is redirecting some focus to expand his record label.

Sneed's definitely been making a lot of noise in the Gospel world these last couple years with mega-hits like "My Heart Says Yes," "All Is Well," "Lay It Down" and now the most recent single "I Know You Hear Me." The first three have all broken on to the Billboard Radio chart and "I Know You Hear Me" is expected to have similar success.

The Florida A & M University alum and former Georgia Mass Choir member has been setting fire to the Gospel Music Industry for the last decade, earning him the nickname Gospel Hit-maker. He also formed his own independent record label, Emtro Gospel, in 2003. This year his label will be signing new artists and contributing projects for Alvin Darling, Youth for Christ and Arkansas Mass Choir.

For the Sneed fans that are worried he won't have time for his music, never fear. Sneed believes in balancing his career as a hit-maker, an artist and label executive. He'll also be touring across the country to promote his latest record All Is Well which features " I Know You Hear Me".

Troy Sneed's project All Is Well is available in stores and online.

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