Tracy Stuffle Medical Update, The Perry's Singer, Having Rough Week in Hospital, Prayers Needed

Matt LloydJun 12, 2013 12:17 PM EDT

Tracy Stuffle, singer with the gospel group, The Perrys, has been battling for his life since January.   

Tracy suffered a massive stroke from a vessel hemorrhage on Monday, January 21, 2013 and has been in the hospital in Nashville,Tn since.  He was in a medically included coma for close to two months and but is awake now and slowly showing more movements and improvements of motor skills.

Tracy is now in a rehab facility and out of the hospital to get more therapy.  

Tracy's condition had been slowly improving but has had some set backs this week. Please keep Tracy and his family in your prayers. 

Tracy's faithful wife Libbi (and fellow singer in The Perrys) has been by his side the whole time and has kept everyone posted with the latest updates on the band's Facebook page.

Tracy Stuffle Update: 6/11/13 @ 8:30am:

"Tracy was moved to a regular room last night about 8pm. He's done well with not having any bleeding other than some old blood. 

I woke up at 3:30am this morning to the sounds of him struggling to breathe. He sounded full. I suctioned him really good and got him calmed back down. His heart rate went down also after that. They came in and did a chest X-ray and he has pneumonia in the upper left lobe of his left lung. So now with already having it in the lower part of both lungs now this. So they started him on another antibiotic. He had the pneumonia vaccine shot last week, but not sure it's helping. Please pray for him. His body is just worn out from all of the stuff it's went thru. 

God, we still praise You thru another issue of the pneumonia, but know that You have allowed this to happen for a reason. You are all knowing and all seeing, so You know our needs before we ever pray. God, Your will be done. Holy Spirit take charge of our thoughts and keep us focused on God and His goodness!!! I love You and Praise Your Holy name!!"

The Perrys have kept touring throughout Tracys hospital stint but lead singer Joseph Habedank recently has decided to step down after 10 years with the group as well. 

To read the latest on the group, go HERE.   

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