'Titanfall 2' News, Rumors: Game’s Attrition Mode Returns, According To Respawn

Jon MendozaSep 22, 2016 09:42 AM EDT
Respawn Entertainment/Titanfall 2

In line with Respawn Entertainment's "Titanfall 2," the game will see the comeback of the Attrition Mode, as per reports. Also, the PC version is not set to include a physical disc.

Respawn's Art Director Joel Emslie and Chief Operating Officer Dusty Welch hinted the return of the game's Attrition Mode. In their interview with PlayStation Lifestyle, the duo were asked if Attrition or an Attrition-like game mode would be back or be available at lunch or part of a future update.

Interestingly, Emslie and Welch grinned and the latter said that it was an interesting question. According to Welch, the tech test had been a very small subset of the game and they were fans of playing the original "Titanfall" and its game modes. For him, people would have to wait to see what they provided next.

"Is that enough of a hint? But we're all ears. I know the right people. I know the right guy. I know a guy and I think he's listening," Welch said.

According to Gamer's Drop, Attrition is a team death match mode, in which players team up with their co-players and bots until the last player is left standing.

Meanwhile, the PC version of "Titanfall 2" is not going to have a physical disc. On Sept. 18, Twitter user and game enthusiast Wario64 (@Wario64) wrote on Twitter, "Titanfall 2 PC physical has no disc included."

As per Attack of the Fanboy, an updated box art for the game's PC version has surfaced online and it seem to confirm that the upcoming game is not set to include a disc, which means players will have to download the game in full. Respawn Entertainment is yet to confirm the details in this regard.

"Titanfall 2" is set to be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows on Oct. 28.

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