Where have you gone, Tim Tebow?

Matt LloydMar 12, 2013 06:53 PM EDT

Do you remember the shock waves pulsing through sports nation just over a year ago when Tim Tebow led the Bronco's to a Playoff overtime win over the number one rated defensive team, The Pittsburgh Steelers?  The Bronco's never let Tebow throw on first down, it just didn't happen.  So what do they do the first play of overtime against the Steelers?  Well, of course everyone knows the story from watching the game or hearing Skip Bayless (ESPN's First Take) repeat it over and over again, Tebow drops back and throws and 80 year touch down to Demaryius Thomas for the upset victory of the year.  

Just a few weeks earlier, the Denver Broncos were pathetic with a 1-4 record and Kyle Orton struggling at quarterback to rally his team.  Tebow, who had been drafted the year before had been reportedly put as low as 4th string quarterback on the depth chart coming out of training camp.  Well, the rest is history as Tebow gets a start the next game and comes in and wins the next 7 of 9 games to put the Broncos, miraculously, back in the playoff picture.  

It's amazing what difference a year can make.  With the 2012 football season ending last month in Houston with the Super Bowl, it closed a year that Tebow lovers cannot put behind them quick enough.  Since his heroics in Denver, Peyton Manning replaced him as the Broncos starting quarterback and Tebow was shipped to the Jets.  At first, even from Tebow's initially huge press conference (first ever for a back up quarterback) things were looking bright.  However, Tebow never made it into the starting line up at quarterback all season and he was mostly referred to as a punt protector.  

The Jacksonville Jaguars, close to Tebow's home town, were initially interested in him a few years ago.  However, at a recent press conference, the new GM, David Caldwell, said they did not have any desire to bring in Tim.  With the media circus that follows him around where ever he goes, many teams who might have a slight interest in Tebow seem to want to steer clear of the hype.  

So with Tebow just hitting his prime age of 25 (turning 26 on August 14th) could Tebow be out of the NFL and on his way to the CFL in Canada?  Or is he done with football all together.  For any sports fan who loves a good story, lets sure hope not.  

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