Tim Tebow to Miami Dolphins?

Matt LloydMay 03, 2013 04:25 PM EDT

Tim Tebow was released by the New York Jets on Monday as expected and passed through his waivers.  

The Jets didn't treat Tebow right since day one and his departure was no different as they waited until after the draft to release him, knowing that most teams would already have their line ups set by then.  

Rumors have been circulating since his release on where Tebow could potentially land.  Florida of course would seem like a natural spot for him to end up since he dominated the state as a Florida Gator.  

However, since before going to the Jets last season, the Jacksonville Jaguars were always the team on everyones radar, not the Miami Dolphins.  

In the last few days though, the buzz has heightened that he could potentially join the Dolphins.  Today the chances seemed to get slimmer as the organization has come out and said they have not looked at bringing in Tebow.  

However, they did say that the door was not closed completely on Tebow Time in Dolphin land, but they say that about any free agent.  Also, the Dolphins are pretty set at quarterback which doesn't help Tebow who is still set on playing quarterback. 

The Phinsider gives a lowdown on the Dolphins quarterback situation, "Tebow does not fit in with the Dolphins' current offense. The team has second year quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who does not need to deal with Tebowmania sitting on the bench behind him. Second string quarterback Matt Moore is widely seen as the best backup quarterback in the league, and is the perfect compliment to Tannehill. Third stringer Pat Devlin is a coach favorite, and is developing to take over for Moore after the season."

Of course the other 2 major factors with Tebow besides his ability both have to do with his popularity.  One is a plus in that tickets would definitely be sold and tv ratings would be higher where ever he ended up.  The other is a negative in that Tebow would bring the media circus with him.  There would be heightened pressure on the coaching staff and whoever Tebow was backing up at quarterback.  Just see how that worked out for Mark Sanchez.  

If Tebow would agree to play another position such as a tight end or some running back, then there would be many teams interested in his services and no one questions his work ethic or ability as just a football player.  Bringing in Tebow as a quarterback is a whole different risk for teams. 

I hope he is in the NFL this fall and that he gets a chance to start as quarterback somewhere, but that gets more unlikely by the day. 

Do you think Tebow will end up a Dolphin or with any NFL team at all this coming year?

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