Vampire Diaries Season 6 Release Date, Spoilers: Premiere October 2, Comic-Con 2014 Trailer Released (VIDEO)

Chandan DasAug 24, 2014 10:50 PM EDT

It has now been confirmed that 'The Vampire Diaries' Season 6 will premiere at 8.00 pm. ET on October 2 on the CW Network.

In fact, 'The Vampire Diaries' cast were present at the recently concluded Comic-Con 2014 where they offered the fans a number of teasers for Season 6 of the supernatural television drama series that has been running from Sept. 10, 2009. The panel commenced with an entertaining new trailer, as fans questioned Ian Somerhalder (who plays Damon) and Kat Graham (who portrays Bonnie), the two stars present on the occasion, about whether or not they were killed in the finale of Season 5.

Replying to a query regarding the fate of Bonnie and Damon, Kat revealed, "I would definitely say you'll see more interaction between them."

Meanwhile, talking about Elena and Stefan, show creator Julie Plec said, "Right now the love between Damon and Elena is so strong," adding, "And the friendship between Stefan and Elena has grown strong."

At the end of the last season, fans saw Damon and Bonnie in trouble, with Bonnie following Damon to the Other Side. Prior to being consumed by oblivion in Season 5 finale, Bonnie held Damon's hand and asked, "Do you think it'll hurt."

Kat Graham, however, revealed that Bonnie will return in Season 6 saying, "She is (back next season)." In an interview with TVLine, the actress said teasingly, "But I don't know in what form or for how long," before noting she was "just as shocked as the next person" at how season five ended. I've been on the show for five years, and I cried when I watched the finale."

On the other hand, Somerhalder drove the fans crazy by writing on Instagram, "Rest in Peace Damon Salvatore. #GameOver: (,"beside photo of a tombstone reading "Damon" in an eerie graveyard. Now we are not sure if Somerhalder was revealing the incidents from Season 6 or simply messing with fans. However, many are of the view that the actor was simply trying to create false spoilers.

Paul Wesley, who portrays Stefan on "The Vampire Diaries," recently revealed that the new season would "reset" the story.

He told TVGuide, "(The season five finale) definitely establishes new parameters in the environment we'll be shooting in season six," adding, "They reset things in a way, and the writers have the ability to now change the circumstances and locations of where the show takes place."

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