'The Bachelorette' News & Update: 'The Bachelorette' Australia To See Bromance Between Model And Entrepreneur

Vianne BurogSep 21, 2016 07:28 PM EDT
CHANNEL 10/ The Bachelorette Australia

Lovers of the dating franchise "Bachelorette" will find lots to love in the upcoming season. The sneak peek of the premiere episode reveals that lots are in store for the latest bachelorette, Georgia Love, as well as the 16 men vying for her love.

The new season promises celebrity look alikes, an intense bromance, a male stripper, extravagant gifts and more.

Since the announcement that she will be the new season's bachelorette, fans have been skeptical of Georgia Love's ability to fill Sam Frost's elegant shoes. However, the series describes her as a warm and engaging lady, and loves to make jokes. Viewers have yet to see how her character will be able to draw the best and worst in the 16 men who are all braced-up to win her heart.

As early as now, fans already have their own picks among the 16 men--Cam the fireman, tall, dark and handsome Jake from the Gold Coast, and industrial designer Courtney. Other standouts include the 27-year-old electrical engineer from the Northern Beaches in Sydney, Sam, as well as Keira Maguire.

Spoilers for the new series suggest that while all the 16 men will already be impressed with Love on their first meeting, another passionate relationship will form in the premiere episode between male model and entrepreneur Rhys and CEO Aaron. According to reports, the two will quickly fall for each other and form a bromance, making the dating series more interesting to watch.

"If she doesn't like me, I might take him," Rhys reportedly quipped at one point.

The new season of "Bachelorette" Australia airs every Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30 P.M. on Channel 10.

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