'The Americans' Season 5 Release Date, Spoilers: New Characters Going To Join Phillip And Elizabeth Jennings?

Vianne BurogNov 30, 2016 10:12 AM EST
FX/ The Americans

Two new characters are rumored to join Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings in "The Americans" season 5.

FX earlier confirmed that "The Americans" only has two seasons left. Despite that, fans are still thrilled to know what awaits them when the show returns for its fifth season next year.

Since the announcement that the series will end its run in 2018, fans have begun speculating how showrunners Joel Fields and Joseph Weisberger will bring the series to an end. In a previous interview, the showrunners said that "The Americans" season 5 will present more interesting storylines for the characters to keep the interest of viewers.

The latest season followed Phillip Jennings as he grew more and more dissatisfied with his job. The previous installment also followed Paige, Phillip and Elizabeth's daughter, as she found out about her parents' job.

Latest news on season 5 suggests that two veteran actors are joining the cast of the series. "NCIS," "Castle" and "Mistresses" star Brett Tucker is reportedly going to portray a man named Ben Stobert, an intelligent and charming scientist hiding a dark secret.

Some reports also claim that Stan Beeman might find a new love interest in season 5. Lauren Holden of "The Walking Dead" will allegedly play Renee, a woman who loves doing guy things. Reports say she will catch the interest of Breeman in the next season.

The series creators have yet to announce the release date of "The Americans" season 5, but fans expect it to air sometime in 2017.


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