The Afters Releases Greatest Hits Collection 'The Beginning And Everything After,' Featuring Two New Songs "Well Done" And "Fear No More"

Marcus Lundin Nov 09, 2018 12:16 AM EST
THE AFTERS/FAIR TRADE SERVICES Cover for The Afters' 2018 greatest hits collection The Beginning and Everything After

Acclaimed Christian four-piece band The Afters on Friday last week released their new greatest hits collection, The Beginning and Everything After, via Fair Trade Services. Featuring twelve songs in all, the album celebrates past triumphs, including chart-topping singles, TV placements, an MTVU Award, GMA Dove Awards, and other accolades, alongside two new offerings "Well Done," and "Fear No More."

Playing at radio everywhere, "Well Done" has gained significant momentum since it hit airwaves last month. With over 50 stations on board, the single has climbed the charts this week, landing a No. 29 spot on AC Monitored, No. 16 on AC Indicator, and No. 33 at National Christian Audience. 

"Well Done" has also garnered over 700,000 streams across platforms since its release, and is featured on popular playlists such as Amazon Music's Fresh Christian, and Spotify's Top Christian and Top Christian Contemporary playlists.

Their latest track, "Fear No More," was inspired by The Afters' personal struggles with fear, penned as a raw and honest anthem to proclaim freedom in the face of anxiety.

"'Fear No More' came out of my own personal struggles with anxiety throughout my life," shares the band's frontman Josh Havens. "It's an anthem for trusting God and not living in fear and anxiety."

"When I wrote this with Matt, Jordan, Dan, and Jason Ingram, we realized we all had faced these feelings in some can be debilitating and rob us from the joy that God wants for us," he continues. "If you have ever struggled with fear, anxiety or depression, I hope this song speaks to you! You're not alone!"

Click below to listen to the story behind "Fear No More," or click here to listen on YouTube:


The Beginning and Everything After is available for streaming and download everywhere now, including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play Music.

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The Beginning and Everything After Track List:

1.     Fear No More (new)

2.     Well Done (new)

3.     Light Up the Sky

4.     Lift Me Up

5.     Battles

6.     Broken Hallelujah

7.     Beautiful Love

8.     Never Going Back to OK

9.     Moments Like This

10.  Every Good Thing

11.  Live On Forever

12.  Life Is Beautiful

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