'Teen Wolf' Season 6 Episode 3 Spoilers, Preview: Group Starts Looking For Stiles; Creator Gives Hint On Stiles' Real Name

Vianne BurogNov 27, 2016 11:14 AM EST
MTV/ Teen Wolf Season 6

Since "Teen Wolf" season 6 began to air, the characters' memories of Stiles have become less and less. Despite rumors that Stiles will be written off from the series soon, it looks like the character will still be back for the series finale.

In the upcoming episode, the group will start searching for Stiles. It can be recalled that in the previous episode, his mom returned from the dead and was back on Beacon Hills. Because of this surprising event, fans were led to wonder about the reason for her return. There are speculations that she will pave the way for her son's return, although that may mean she would have to lose her life again.

In a previous interview, series creator Jeff Davies teased the real name of Stiles. Since this has apparently been hinted at during the course of the series, many are looking forward to this big reveal. Asked for a clue, Davis said "mischief" was one, somewhat suggesting that the real name begins with "M." The series creator revealed that the real name of Stiles will be discovered soon in the series, so fans should keep an eye on the events as the current season progresses. At this point in the show, it is interesting that while his friends have already forgotten him, they have the intense feeling that there is someone they need to remember.

For fans who have waited for so long for Stiles and Lydia's romance to develop, the time has finally come. The most anticipated admission of love finally happened this season, although it was interrupted with the abduction of Stiles. According to Davis, they knew that this season would be the series' last, so they wanted to explore every storyline that the previous seasons failed to explore.

"Teen Wolf" season 6 airs Tuesdays on MTV.

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