Taylor Swift Burned by Nick Lachey [VIDEO]: "Stay Away" From Her, One Direction Pranks Harry Styles About 'Haylor' Romance

Gil ShalowitzApr 12, 2013 05:17 PM EDT


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Though she's brought it upon herself, Taylor Swift just can't get a break from the tabloids anymore. 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey recently warned other male pop stars to "stay away" from the songstress, or else she might infamously immortalize you in a song. Former Swift flame Harry Styles is still dealing with the 'Haylor' aftermath.


 In an MTV News interview, Lachey along with the rest of 98 Degrees were asked to share some advice to today's boy bands like One Direction and The Wanted. Along with simple suggestions like have fun, and surround yourself with 'good people,' Lachey added:

"And stay away from Taylor Swift! She'll write a song about you..."

Taylor Swift was also the butt of the latest One Direction prank. During a concert in Newcastle on April 8, One Direction was performing one of their many hits, "Little Things" and after Styles sang "I'm in love with you," his band mates shouted out "Taylor Swift" with perfect timing. Styles, the most visible of the 5, can't get a break from the rest of his bandmates. During a Styles solo at a recent concert, the other guys pulled his pants down while singing on stage.

Does this mean Harry Styles may still have feelings for Taylor Swift? Does One Direction know something we don't? Was Nick Lachey's comments about the Red starlet a little too harsh?

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