Switchfoot musician shares cancer update 1 week after surgery

Jeannie LawJan 07, 2019 10:31 PM EST

A month after Grammy Award-winning rock band Switchfoot revealed that their bandmate Jerome Fontamillas was diagnosed with cancer, they're now celebrating that he's "free from cancer."

Switchfoot was hit with the news of Fontamillas' cancer diagnosis as they prepared for the release of their 11th studio album, Native Tongue, set for on Jan. 18. The musician underwent an operation last week to  remove a kidney as part of his treatment and released a health update on Friday.  

"[Seven] days ago, I stood at a precipice. I looked straight at the storm. But I wasn't alone. You guys were with me," the musician wrote on Instagram.

After learning about his bandmate's cancer diagnosis, Switchfoot frontman John Foreman sent an email out to fans asking for prayers.

It appears those prayers have been answered.

"Thank you for each and every one of your prayers. I'm so grateful for you guys,"  Fontamillas wrote. "Today I can say I am free from cancer. Today I can begin to live life WELL again."

Last week, following Fontamillas' surgery, the band released an update announcing that the "tumor has been successfully removed."

"The surgeon said that it had not attached or spread to anything else in his body which is great news! It was the best outcome they could've hoped for," the Switchfoot Instagram account said.

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