Steam Spring Sale 2014: Rumors Indicate Mass Sale During Easter

Justin SarachikApr 10, 2014 10:23 AM EDT

Will there be a Steam Spring Sale in 2014? With the popular gaming platform steadily growing, players are wondering when there will be a big sale for users to stock up on their favorite titles.

As of now, Steam users can only speculate because there has been no official announcement regarding a sale. However, rumors have speculated it will arrive at some point this spring based on past sales patterns.

"A spring-sale around Easter might be a nice thought, but I pretty much think summer-sale is the ticket to ride," said a Steam Community member to Epoch Times.

According to Epoch Times, another felt an Easter sale would be coming. "It's kinda hard to tell when the sale will begin cause lots of developers have been putting their games on sale themselves. I assume the sale will start within the next week or 2," said a user on a Steam forum.

Steam is a digital distribution media platform created by Valve, and used primarily through computers (PC, Mac, Linux) to play games. It also can be run through PS3, iOS, and Android.

According to the Steam website, there are over 5 million gamers online at all times, and over 40 million joined. The platform offers over 2,000 games and frequently runs deals that net players games for a fraction of the cost of the home console versions.

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