Staci Frenes Releases New Single, Music Video 'Storms'

Press ReleaseNov 03, 2017 09:40 AM EDT
Staci FrenesStaci Frenes

Staci Frenes releases the official music video this week for "Storms," from her latest album, "Unpathed Waters, Undreamed Shores." The song follows on the heels of some of the worst storms our nation has experienced and captures the poignant and difficult theme of hardship as a necessity for growth and transformation. 

Frenes was inspired to write "Storms" for her two children, and it has quickly become a favorite of listeners of the album and her live shows. Like many of the songs on her latest record, "Storms" uses water as a metaphor for both the beauty and terror of life's experiences. It contains some of her most raw and honest lyrics to date:

I wish you storms, beautiful storms

the kind that break you and make you more tender than before

the kind that wreck you and take you to undreamed shores

I wish you storms

"Every mom wants her child to be happy and healthy," says Frenes, "but we also want them to be patient, loving, and grateful. Those traits get developed during the storms. As hard as it is to watch the ones we love go through loss, illness, disappointment ... those are the times when we learn endurance, trust, forgiveness. We learn what it means to be fully human."   

Filmed in San Francisco, Calif., at the stunning Sutra Baths ruins, the video was shot and directed by Frenes' daughter, Abby, and features stunning footage of crashing waves, rocky cliffs, coastline fog and the Golden Gate Bridge. It's a fitting backdrop for the song's imagery.

Surrender to the tempest and the turbulence

Let yourself be taken by the wind

Feel the naked beauty of the pounding rain

Hear the thunder calling out your name

Let the oceans roar and lightning flash

Ride the waves that push against your back

And when you arrive you'll know why there were storms

Frenes credits the Psalms for inspiration. "You see David cry out in despair and then praise God with his next breath. That's the thing about faith. Even in the midst of huge pain or discouragement, we can still choose to believe that God is good, that He loves us and hasn't abandoned us in the storm."

Frenes' new album is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and wherever music is sold online. For more information about Frenes please visit

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