Southern Gospel Singer Lynda Randle Releases New CD, DVD Collection 'Homecoming Favorites & Songs of Inspiration'

Marcus Lundin Jun 29, 2018 01:53 AM EDT
LYNDA RANDLE/GAITHER MUSIC GROUPCover for Lynda Randle's 2018 song-collection Homecoming Favorites & Songs of Inspiration.

Southern Gospel artist Lynda Randle has announced the release of her all-new collection of songs, Homecoming Favorites & Songs of Inspiration, scheduled for release on CD and DVD on Friday, June 29. The album and DVD are available at retail and digital outlets worldwide, including iTunes, Amazon,, and 

Often seen on the Gaither Homecoming stage, Randle has recorded some of the true classics that have influenced her for decades, including, "God on the Mountain," "One Day at a Time," "Walking Up the King's Highway," "The Longer I Serve Him," "Sheltered in the Arms of God," and more. The DVD features live stage performances by Randle as well as a sit-down interview with longtime friend and label founder Bill Gaither.

"So many people are hurting today and I believe more-so than ever," Randle explains. "The old classics are life-giving! They are full of hope, and the lyrics still hold true to the promises of God; and they are still relevant, even today."

"God on the Mountain," written by Tracy Dartt, has certainly proven how relevant it is with listeners of Randle. As one of her most requested songs, it has garnered over 19 million views on video-sharing website YouTube.

"Bill Gaither sent me this song in 1998," Lynda recalls. "I wasn't at all interested in recording it initially because I wasn't big on the country sound of the song, but my husband asked me to really listen to the lyrics and I did! I had been in a deep valley of grief and depression at the time I got the song from Bill. So I recorded it, and I've never looked back."

The new live recording of "God on the Mountain" can be viewed on YouTube here, or by clicking the video player below:

Randle, whose full name is Lynda Tait Randle, has four sisters and is the older sister to Michael Tait, lead singer of Christian contemporary groups dc Talk and Newsboys. 

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Homecoming Favorites & Songs of InspirationSong List:

God on the Mountain

The Longer I Serve Him

Sheltered in the Arms of God

Something Beautiful

Hold to God's Unchanging Hand

Keep on Pressing On

My House Is Full (But My Field Is Empty)

Laying My Burdens Down

One Day at a Time

Going Home

One Day Jesus

Until Then

Where We'll Never Grow Old

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