Singer Natalie Grant 'Embarrassed' by Panic Attack on Flight Home from 'It Takes a Church' Filming; Begins Openly Worshipping on Plane

Justin SarachikDec 04, 2014 04:44 PM EST
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Christian singer and activist Natalie Grant recently stated that she finished filming season two of 'It Takes A Church' and talked about her fear of flying and the trip back home from shooting.

"So happy the filming of season 2 of it It Takes A Church is a wrap! Excited for you to see it," she posted on Facebook, "I'm now on a red-eye flight to Nashville in extreme rain and turbulence. I hate this fear of mine. I know I need to surrender it. But it's just so hard. I'd appreciate your prayers xoxo."

Her next post came about an hour later where she admitted to an "embarrassing panic attack on the plane."

"People grabbing me [sic] bags to breathe in. Shaking, crying and yelling 'Jesus' out loud," she posted, "I'm slightly embarrassed by [sic] hey this is the real me. I'm now listening to One Thing Remains and openly worshipping on this plane. Truth always trumps fear. Now if I could just apply that at all times. I'm a work in progress."

Earlier today Grant thanked her fans for the prayers and words of support, and let everyone know she was home "safe and sound."

"What a gift the family of God can be. Truly. Most of us who've never even met, yet I sat on my flight reading your encouragement, scriptures you posted, and knowing so many were whispering a prayer for me in my panic."

The "Hurricane" singer was also excited to announce that Hope for Justice UK rescued 15 victims who were enslaved as victims of sex trafficking. She shared the "perpetrator was arrested" on her Facebook and thanked everyone for their support of the ministries she is involved with.

Grant also recently released a music video for "Burn Bright (You Were Made to Shine)," and the song deals with depression and addiction.

"I finally have a new official music video!!! And I'm so excited for you to see it. Burn Bright official video is NOW available on iTunes! And the song is on sale for just $.69!!! You'll also find 10 of my other greatest hits on sale as well," she wrote on Facebook.

"Burn Bright was written for a family member struggling with addiction and depression. I pray the song and the story woven throughout the video will encourage and strengthen you and those you love."

Watch the video for "Burn Bright (You Were Made to Shine)" below:

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