Silent Planet Vocalist Thinks Christians Often Mistake the Bible as a Scientific Textbook [VIDEO INTERVIEW 2]

Justin SarachikOct 19, 2015 12:38 PM EDT
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Silent Planet vocalist Garrett Russell spoke to BREATHEcast on October 12 before a show in NYC's famed Gramercy Theatre. Always the deep thinker, Russell chatted about the presidential election and the "non-conflicts" of science and God.

Silent Planet's Garrett Russell Part 2 - BC LIVE

When asked about his thoughts on picking a candidate in the presidential election, Russell said his belief about it is "people need to get more interested in voting on local elections."

As far as the president, "I do think it's exciting that someone like Bernie Sanders is running, that's not owned," he said.

By "not owned" he means someone devoid of private investors and background financial funds. He thinks that money and compromises have sullied the true intentions and integrity of so many candidates that there is no such thing as a "free election."

"The candidates don't represent people anymore, they represent corporate influences...there is something sinister about that."

Russell doesn't know where Sanders stands on his faith, but is excited at the fact that he is turning down big money from "super pacs."

Sanders did recently speak at Liberty University, which is a Christian college, where he had profound things to say. "We might disagree on abortion and gay marriage and various things...but what can we agree on? One thing we can agree on is homelessness is an epidemic, and we need to address that right now. And joblessness is an epidemic...police brutality..."

He admitted it was refreshing to see someone open and honest about those discussions.

Switching topics a bit, Russell then dove a little into his psychology background and spoke about proving the existence of God while giving merit to science.

"For me science has always been a testament and an act of worship to God. Science mostly asks questions like, 'What is it?' 'How does it work?' 'Where is it working?'" said Russell. "It should not try to answer the questions of 'Why?' 'Why do we exist?'"

The vocalist is able to find the answers to those questions in the Bible. However, he thinks that sometimes this causes a "culture war" because Christians and scientists disagree on the "why" and "how."

"Christians have mistaken Biblical literature to be a scientific textbook, which they aren't because a lot of things were written in the Bible before the modern advent of science" he said. "I've never seen science conflict with theology or religion in a substantial way."

He continued, "I think you can either grossly misread science or either grossly misread the Bible."

"I don't think the existence of God has anything to do with science."

Watch part one of the video interview below and check out the article here.

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