'Shu' Release Date: Side-Scrolling Platformer Gets October 4 Launch On PS4, PC

Jon MendozaSep 21, 2016 07:30 PM EDT

New details on the release date of Coatsink's side-rolling platforming game "Shu" have surfaced and as per reports, the game is set to come out in October this year.

"Shu" will be released for PlayStation 4 and PC on Oct. 4, IGN has learned. As per the publication, the game's PlayStation Vita version is slated to come out before the conclusion of 2016. The said timeline is applicable to both in the United States and the United Kingdom.

According to Game Spew, "Shu" is a powerful platformer that had really stolen their heart at EGX, given that it was heavy influenced by "Ori and & The Blind Forest" and "Rayman." The website writes that the game's effortlessly responsive controls and beautiful 3D graphics had enamored them, while its familiar and tireless gameplay had had them running, jumping, and gliding their way through a lush level.

"Shu" shares similarities with "The Banner Saga," "Don't Kill Her," and "Jotun," as they are hand-drawn video games, according to an article at Games Pulp. According to the publication, this style become fashionable following the popularization of CGI films. In addition, they are products of pencil strokes, which brings madness to life, the article states.

In the game, players assume the role of the hand-drawn character Shu who has to gather a set of hand-drawn villagers, who add abilities to the player's line-up.

Overall, "Shu" is set to be released for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows on Oct. 4, with the PlayStation Vita version coming at the end of 2016.

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