'Sherlock' Season 4 Air Date, Spoilers & News: Recent Photos Offer First Look At Toby Jones As New Villain

Vianne BurogDec 01, 2016 10:54 AM EST
BBC/ Sherlock

"Sherlock" will be back in January and fans already know some few things about what to expect next season. If the newly released season 4 photos are an indication, then it looks like the new baby of John Watson will have a huge role in season 4's new adventures.

When PBS and Masterpiece announced that production on season 4 would kick off in spring, they also revealed that John Watson's new baby would have a significant role next season.

PBS dropped some photos for the upcoming season, confirming the news.

The new photos also give fans a first look at the new villain, Culverton Smith, played by Toby Jones.

In a previous interview, "Sherlock" executive producer Steven Moffat described Jones and said, "He's the darkest villain we've had. There was always something charming and engaging about Moriarty. There was something fascinating and actually amoral, rather than immoral, about Charles Augustus Magnussen. This guy is the purest evil."

"Sherlock" season 4 will see the return of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Holmes and Watson. As of this writing, fans have seen multiple trailers for the upcoming season, the most recent of which hinting at the return of Moriarty.

The premiere episode of season 4 is entitled "The Six Thatchers," reuniting the high-functioning sociopath Holmes and Watson as his trusty sidekick.

"Sherlock" season 4 is set to premiere in the United States and United Kingdom on January 1, 2017. Like the first three seasons, the upcoming season will also comprise three new episodes.

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