Relient K Post New Song "Don't Blink" & Lyric Video from Upcoming 'Collapsible Lung' Record 2013 (VIDEO)

Matt LloydApr 22, 2013 02:08 PM EDT

Relient K have at long last, posted a brand new song off of their upcoming record Collapsible Lung on their Facebook page for their fans. 

They wrote, "Here is a lyric video for a new song - Don't Blink - from our upcoming album "Collapsible Lung". Listen to it already, and let us know what you think!"

Most fans have posted positive things about the song, however some say that it doesn't sound like Relient K.  Whatever the sound is though, Matt Thiessen has always been a great lyricist and melody man.  

The Christin Pop/Rock band has had their new album Collapsible Lung finished and was supposed to release next week, but the release date keeps getting pushed back.

Finally though, Relient K fans got some very exciting news at their show last night when Matt Thiessen (singer) said that even though Collapsible Lung was supposed to be released "next week," it's now scheduled for a July release date.  The specific date is not known, but at least it will be in July.

Also, 3 members of the band, John Warne (bass guitar), Jon Schneck (guitar) and Ethan Luck (drums), released a statement on their Facebook page that they will not being touring with them on their upcoming U.S. Tour. Both John's have played at all Relient K shows for the past 8 years and Ethan Luck has played every show since 2008. 

What do you think of the new song, "Don't Blink"?

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