PlayStation 4 4.0 Software Update: PS4 System Update Brings Quick Menu, High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Jon MendozaSep 21, 2016 10:49 AM EDT
PlayStation/PlayStation 4

Sony has released PlayStation 4 System Software Update 4.0 (previously codenamed Shingen) and it brings several new features, which include the Quick Menu and High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability.

According to the PlayStation blog, Sony updated the Quick Menu for users to easily access it without leaving the game. It is only set to cover a part of the screen for players to see other existing menus. The Quick Menu is also customizable, as the developers have added new features an improved Music Section, which lets users play, learn, and manipulate Spotify without having to open the app.

In terms of the Music Section, users can also play, pause, skip, repeat, shuffle, and save songs, in addition to discovering recommended playlists for the game they are playing. To add, users will be able to see the upcoming songs and choose to play either an individual song or all songs from the chosen playlist.

In addition, the blog reports that Sony's PlayStation Music team is working hand in hand with Spotify to provide users playlists that will enhance their game's overall gameplay. To get the latest gaming playlist, users have to follow PlayStation Music on Spotify.

According to The Verge, the introduction of the High Dynamic Range capabilities serves as the update's biggest change. As per the publication, the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro is set to run games in native 4K; however, the 4.0 software update let all PlayStation 4 consoles run games in HDR.

In this regard, players will be able to see the HDR setting under Video Output in Settings and play games and view entertainment content in HDR on their own PlayStation 4 unit. However, they also need to have an HDR-compatible TV or display.

Along with the Quick Menu and the High Dynamic Range features, the PlayStation 4 update also gets a content info screen and unit data transfer.

The update was launched on Sept. 13.

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