'Pitch Perfect 3' Cast News: Actor Skylar Astin Confirms Treblemakers Won't Come Back For Third Installment

Vianne BurogJan 01, 2017 04:30 PM EST

With the recent changes in its director and release date, it is unequivocally true that the production for the third installment of "Pitch Perfect" has not been smooth sailing.

It looks like the hitches in production are not yet over, as just recently, one of the most beloved actors in the musical comedy franchise confirmed that not all the original "Pitch Perfect" cast members would be back for the third film.

According to Skylar Astin, who portrayed Jesse Swanson in the first two movies, he and the other members of the Treblemakers will no longer appear in the upcoming film.

"As of now, the Trebles and I won't be in the third 'Pitch Perfect' movie. They seem to be taking the story in a different direction," said Astin on Twitter.

Back in July, Adam DeVine, who played the Treblemakers leader Bumper Allen in the first two "Pitch Perfect" movies, revealed that he was not sure whether or not he would still appear in the upcoming film.

"I don't know. I honestly don't. I'm not super close. I think it was, like, script stuff. They haven't fully locked in the story. I don't even know if I'm gonna be in it or not. They did not have me sign on," said DeVine in a previous interview.

There are speculations that since most of the Barden Bellas already graduated in the second movie, the third movie might feature the members out in the real world.

"Pitch Perfect 3" hits theaters on December 22, 2017.

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