P.O.D's Album 'Murdered Love', Tour w/ Shinedown & Three Days Grace and Summer Tour 2013 News

Brianna BromleyMay 22, 2013 02:44 PM EDT

Payable on Deaths newest eighth album record, Murdered Love has once again pleased fans with the rock and edgy songs that the band continues to roll out in every album.

P.O.D has been around since 1992 and has continued to express that Passion is the first and foremost thing that comes from the inspiring lyrics. "Music comes down to passion.. There are not a lot of bands out there today who have that. But I think that feeling is coming back around again" stated front man Sonny Sandoval.

The bands latest album Murdered Love has been said to be the best and most brilliant out of the eight albums released since the making of the band. The new record was an accumulation of sessions that was originated for a hardcore EP and tour, but ended up becoming their latest achievement.

With a large diversity in the mix of music on the album, the song "Eyes" brings the record to a different vibe then most. The song was derived from talk about Armageddon and Revelations, so the song has a very rock end-of the world feel to it. With the heavy track having guest vocalist as Jamey Jasta, the lyrics have a hardcore vibe with a touch of street feel leading the record.

With story telling being a large part of the music making with this band, the lyrics and vocals bring the listener to a world of their own. P.O.D stated in an interview with Artist Direct that story telling is something they love to do. "Even when I listen to music, I like to see it. Sometimes it can be left up to the imagination, other times, it can be direct so you know exactly what we're talking about". 

Payable on Death took a momentary break after their 2008 album When Angels & Serpents Dance for more or less personal issues with how the recording industry was beginning to evolve. Even with the five year break, the triple platinum band still seizes to amaze fans.

The newest album will let listeners in on a more personal view of the bands thought process and what they are going through personally, as well as, what the world is going through and how it effects them as people.

The band recorded "Murdered Love" with producer Howard Benson (Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, and My Chemical Romance), the man behind three of their greatest records. "He's family," says Sandoval. "He has the power to choose who he wants to work with, and I think he wanted to go back and make a real rock record."

The band has already started promoting their new record with a early Spring headlining tour, as well as, festivals and hitting large shows accumulating across the U.S. The band toured with rock artists as Shinedown and Three Days Grace starting in February and just recently finished up their 30 state tour in Fargo, North Dakota.

They will also be starting their Summer tour in June with Sacred Mother Tongue and Hell Yeah which will last until August 17. For more information check the bands website HERE!



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