Most Outrageous Fan-Purchased Celebrity Memorabilia

Eric Day Jul 23, 2013 06:46 PM EDT

Fans will go to some pretty crazy lengths to have something that once belonged to their idols. Let's take a look back at some of the most outrageous purchases by a fan desperate to have some celebrity memorabilia.

An ex-girlfriend of Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger saved a lock of the singer's hair. The small piece of Jagger sold at an auction for $6,000.

Britney Spears fans have bid exorbitant amounts, as high as $14,000 for the "Hit Me Baby One More Time" singer's used chewing gum. Straight from Spears' mouth you heard it hear.

When most of us finish a meal at a restaurant, the buss boy comes by and throws the left-overs in the trash. Not when your Justin Timberlake. A fan Timberlake's former boy-band N'Sync paid $1,025 for a left-over piece of French toast.

To raise money for Habitat for Humanity, an outreach program that helps build housing in underdeveloped areas, William Shatner sold a kidney stone in 2006. I wonder what Shatner passing a kidney stone sounds like.

Even weirder an x-ray of Marilyn Monroe's bust region sold at an auction in Las Vegas for $45,000. If only Andy Warhol could've gotten his hands on that! Talk about pop art.

Back in the 60s the late great John Lennon gave his tooth to his housekeeper. After hearing her daughter was a huge fan of The Beatles, he advised she gave it to her. The tooth found its way on auction and 2011, selling for more than $31,000.

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