'One Piece' Chapter 840 Spoilers & News: Battle Between Luffy and Cracker Ending; Sanji Marries Pudding To Save Zeff?

Vianne BurogSep 23, 2016 12:55 PM EDT
MANGA/ One Piece

"One Piece" chapter 840 will see the end of the battle between Luffy and Cracker. Fans of the series will also get to see if Sanji will marry Pudding in order to save Zeff.

In chapter 838, the battle between Luffy and Cracker continued and did not end yet. Despite hopes of fans that it would end in chapter 839, it still did not. Instead, the previous chapter focused on the Vinsmoke family and their threat to Sanji.

Chapter 839 followed the Vinsmoke family as they pay a visit to Sanji to tell him that he should pursue his wedding with Pudding. Jaiji threatened Sanji by showing him a photo of Zeff, telling him that they would kill Zeff if he backs off. This left Sanji speechless, since Zeff was his mentor. Fans speculate that in order to save Zeff, Sanji will choose to push through with his wedding with Pudding.

There are speculations that in chapter 840, the friends of Sanji will do everything they can to stop the wedding from happening. Since the previous chapter focused on the Vinsmoke family's threat to Sanji, fans speculate that the upcoming chapter will feature the resumption and conclusion of the battle between Luffy and Cracker. Majority of fans believe that Luffy will find it hard to take down Cracker and his army, but he will still end up being the victor.

Considering that Luffy is not strong enough to defeat an entire army, it remains to be seen how he will be able to take down Cracker.

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