Official Trailer Released For ‘I Can Only Imagine’ Movie Out March 16

Marcus Lundin Jan 20, 2018 09:33 PM EST
I Can Only Imagine/LIONSGATEMovie poster for the 2018 feature film "I Can Only Imagine."

The official trailer is finally here for the upcoming March 16 movie "I Can Only Imagine," telling the inspiring and unknown story behind the 2001 song by MercyMe that "brought hope to millions," as the film synopsis states. The movie tells a story about the power of forgiveness, beautifully illustrating that no one is ever too far from God's love or from an eternal home in heaven.

"I Can Only Imagine" is directed by the Erwin Brothers and produced by Kevin Downes (Courageous). Director/co-writer Jon Erwin says it wasn't difficult to get support for the movie, "It's the song you know, but the story you don't."

The movie is based on the story behind MercyMe's incredibly popular 2001 hit song with the same name, telling the story about how MercyMe frontman Bart Millard was inspired to write the song after overcoming an abusive childhood, holding on to his faith, and witnessing God's miracle of redemption.

Jon's brother and fellow co-director, Andy Erwin, says about the film, "In every single one of our movies, the DNA is that redemption thread." Interestingly, the idea to tell Millard's story came about because of one of their other films.

After a lengthy career first shooting sports for ESPN and then music videos for Christian artists, winning the GMA Dove Award for Music Video of the Year three years in a row, the Erwin brothers finally started shooting feature films, including, "October Baby," Mom's Night Out," and "Woodlawn." It was on at the screening of "Woodlawn" that the brothers finally met Millard and where the idea for "I Can Only Imagine" was born.

The song "I Can Only Imagine" became an unprecedented hit when it was released, and even crossed over to pop, country, and adult contemporary. It is the only contemporary Christian song that has been certified double platinum.

The phrase "I Can Only Imagine" first occurred to Millard when leaving his father's gravesite, as he wondered what his dad might be seeing in heaven. "For me, the thought was very therapeutic because it was just too overwhelming to think of him being gone. And so I started thinking more about what he was seeing, more than him just not being in my life."

Years later, Millard wrote I Can Only Imagine after the band needed a final song to complete their first album. As he considered his earthly father in heaven and pondered the great redemption he had witnessed in his life, the song flowed out of him quickly, and the rest is history.

To find out more information about the movie "I Can Only Imagine," please visit the official website.

You can watch the new official trailer below:


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