Nintendo NX Release Date, News Update: New Console Disappointed Fans At Tokyo Game Show? New Console

Joe BacaronSep 21, 2016 10:54 AM EDT
Nintendo/ NX

Nintendo continues to tease fans with its new console. People who have been anticipating news about the Nintendo NX the Tokyo Game Show walked away quite disappointed.

According to The Verge, the disappointment is palpable even if all the signs point to Nintendo not being a significant player for the Tokyo Game Show.

The event would have been the perfect launchpad for the Nintendo NX although the company traditionally does not make a big announcement months after the reveal. Second, Nintendo also doesn't typically participate in the Tokyo Game Show so to expect the company to do otherwise seems a bit of a stretch.

The new console is reportedly coming out in March 2017, according to several news reports.

Meanwhile, Forbes said this would be the perfect time for the company to launch the Nintendo NX when all the news attention is on the new console, particularly with the disappointment of the Wii U.

It said that Nintendo has been relying on nostalgia for quite some time now. In the meantime, more and more powerful consoles are coming out like the PS4 Pro quite recently and the Xbox One S. That nostalgia, however, is not going to last very long.

One thing that the Japanese company has it going for it is that fans are willing to give Nintendo one last chance. The global success of Pokemon GO also put the company on public consciousness again. This is why this would be the perfect environment for the Nintendo NX to come out so the company can ride the wave, and reinforce its own niche in console industry.

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