Nine Inch Nails New Song 'Everything' New Happy & Positive Sound for Trent Reznor? Listen Here (VIDEO) / Full Album 'Hesitation Marks' Out Sept 2013

Matt LloydAug 19, 2013 07:22 PM EDT



Nine Inch Nails New Song 'Everything' New Happy & Positive Sound for Trent Reznor? Listen Here (VIDEO)


Nine Inch Nails are back on the radar with a new album coming out in 2013. 

The new full length album is titled Hesitation Marks and is set for a September 3, 2013 release date. 

Trent Reznor must be in a good 'happy' place in his life right now, which is great for his life personally but might not be welcomed to NIN fans. 

The new Nine Inch Nails song (that you can listen to above) is titled "Everything" and it is a different direction both musically and lyrically from songwriter Reznor. 

The song sounds very radio friendly, which could make for future success of drawing in new fans into the world of NIN  but it will be interesting to see what old school NIN fans will think of the new track. 

The lyrics are very positive and uplifting, which is rare for a NIN song, but could be a welcomed change. It all just depends which lens you are looking through things. 

In fairness, you definitely cannot judge a new 'sound' on one song. People will have to wait and hear the album in it's entirety and then make that judgement call. This new song "Everything" could sound totally different when put up to the entire Hesitation Marks album.

They did release a song last month called "Come Back Haunted" that sounds a lot more like a typical NIN song, so things on the new album will most likely even themselves out. 

I personally enjoy pop/rock, so this new song is just fine with me. But I was never a die-hard NIN fan, so I will let them speak louder then me. 

Reznor was featured with Dave Grohl in his Sound City movie putting a song together in the studio and Dave was praising Reznor's musical talent and mind. 

To check out all of the latest happening with NIN, you can visit their official website here

What do you think of the new Nine Inch Nails song "Everything"?



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